Potential Problems for AKC Dog Owners who Wish to Purchase Health Insurance

Every time you go to the pound you should realize it may be better to take home a dog you think you will like than to raise it from a puppy. Others like having the puppies and it is of advantage to raise them because you can control him and will know how he grew up.

The next time you will feel you did something right for your dog is when you get the insurance for him. If you get liability insurance for your dog this is for the other party incase your dog ever bit anyone. Almost every dog that was bread to guard or to be guard dogs should have liability insurance just in case they do bite.

If you have pet insurance you might already know that some companies just won't cover those certain breeds because they are injury prone or are common to sickness. Some breeds have genetic issues that the insurance companies know will just be a problem and cost more to the insurance company.

Some owners may have trouble taking well care of the cocker spaniels kidneys as a puppy until they pass the age of two due to a condition known as Familial Nephropathy which can be fatal. If you have one of these types of dogs than if you don't know they will develop a genetic disorder known to shut their kidneys down from ages 6months to 2 years old so be sure to take care of your puppy. This problem is normally always fatal because there are virtually no signs of it coming to the dog and they just can't help it. Obviously most insurance companies also don't like to cover that sort of thing either

A lot of other dogs have hip problems like golden retrievers, pit bulls, and many other dogs. Hip dysplasia is a genetic problem that affects the dog in its hips. These dogs probably all walk bowlegged and at older ages will have hip problems if not taken care of properly. A lot of pet heath insurance companies will not give you a policy until you have tests done to see if you're dog is problem free of these hip disorders.

Bulldogs are the type that are prone to all kinds of problems heat strokes, breathing problems and sleeping problems are all issues that a bulldog might have. Great Danes have a long rap sheet about hip problems and other problems as well. So before you go and get any type of dog remember to try and get pet insurance because if you don't it might be a problem to your family when you can not pay the vet bills every time you go to the vet even if it is just a check up.


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